Welcome to Website for Craobhacha Rince Náisiúnta na hÉireann (The Irish Nationals).

The committee would like to thank all regional councils, teachers, associations, dancing schools, dancers, teachers & parents who attended or supported the 2014 Craobhacha Rince Náisiúnta na hÉireann.

This year’s event will be held in INEC & Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May, 2015. Craobhacha Rince Náisiúnta na hÉireann will be a secondary qualifying event for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2016.

There will also be a Priomh Comortas for all non-recalled dancers and Irish Language competitions held throughout the weekend.

This is our 4th year and the previous three years were a huge success and we look forward to seeing all teachers, parents & dancers again this year so we can repeat that success.

Final Timetable

Click here for the final timetable

General Updates

Please read this important information

Syllabus for 2015 is now available to download. Click here

All perpetual cups won in 2014, must be returned (clean and in condition ready to present) to Elizabeth McConomy, rear of stage B in Hall A (The INEC) by 12 noon on Thursday 14th May, 2015.

  1. Engraving is to be done on 2 lines:
    • 1st line: 2014 & Name of Dancer,
    • 2nd line: Name of School - please abbreviate Scoil Rince to S.R.
  2. The timetable for Irish Language Competitions will be sent to all teachers with entries, early next week.
  3. Programmes, wristbands & competitor’s numbers (for Thursday only) will be available at the INEC box office from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday.
  4. Programmes for teachers can also be collected at this time.
  5. Wristbands & competitor’s numbers for Friday will be available on Thursday after 2pm from INEC Box Office.
  6. Wristbands & competitor’s numbers for Saturday will be available on Friday after 2pm from INEC Box Office.
  7. Wristbands & competitor’s numbers for Sunday will be available on Saturday after 2pm from INEC Box Office.
  8. Any competitor’s numbers not collected the day before will be available for collection from side stage 30 minutes before each championship.
  9. Doors will be open each day at 7.30 am.
  10. All registered teachers, adjudicators and council numbers must show I.D. & sign in, to obtain a wristband for admittance.
  11. No I.D. cards are required for dancers.
  12. Admission is €10 per day, €25 for a 3 day weekend ticket and €35 for a 4 day weekend ticket.
  13. There will be a reduced rate of €5 per day for OAPs and students.
  14. Marks packs will be available from ‘marks’ table, beside INEC Box office, immediately after championship results are announced.
  15. Marks will also be available to purchase after 12 noon Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  16. A practice area has been provided at the rear of The Vendors Area - ground floor INEC. Dancers are requested to respect other dancers using the facility. No loud music will be permitted to be used in this area.
  17. There will be a number check during the first two rounds of each solo championship (during all 3 rounds of 7-8 & 8-9 Championships). Dancers will be brought back on stage in groups so that adjudicators can recheck competitors’ numbers against their marks. Dancers should not leave competition hall until number check has taken place.
  18. In championships from 9-10 upwards, there will be a 50% recall for the Set Dance, up to a maximum of 50 competitors. However, in all boys championships and in girls championships from 17-18 upwards, there will be no recall and all dancers will perform the Set Dance.
  19. Those dancers not recalled will be given an opportunity to compete in a Priomh Comortas, where they will perform a Traditional Set Dance. All dancers must line up side stage before the commencement of Priomh Comortas so they can be sorted into Traditional Set Dance order.
  20. Vendors will be open for trading from 6pm – 8pm on Wednesday, but will close strictly at 8pm.
  21. The public bar area in either The Brehon or Gleneagle hotel must not be used for make-up purposes.
  22. Please note that alcohol, hot drinks or food will NOT be permitted into any of the competition halls.


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